Hey Collectors!

Life seems to go non-stop 24/7 between work, home, business, life, mind, body and spirit. Because we are always going, sometimes our chores get pushed to the wayside. If we let our chores slide, laundry/dishes/garbage will pile up (and smell) if you don’t take the time to handle them. They don’t mysteriously accumulate out of thin air. (Sorry!) You actually have to do the work.get organized

Most people don’t like doing chores, but they do them because they understand the consequences if they don’t. Trust me, you are not the only one that hates doing chores. Most people would rather be doing something else. Remember, there is nothing wrong with disliking chores; this doesn’t make you a bad person.

Part of living an organized life is scheduling your chores so your home or workspace doesn’t become like an episode of Hoarders. Everyone can be organized. Like anything else, it is a skill you can learn. Are some better than others? Yes, but we can all learn the basics that can keep us on track.

Here are three tips to help you schedule time to clean and do chores. After spring cleaning, you will be able to continue these habits all year long!

* Write it Down. Take the time to write down your daily schedule. From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. See where you can make time daily or weekly time to clean. Be honest. If you watch hours of TV everyday or are constantly updating your Facebook status, you have time to do your chores. If you read every night, commit to one night a week doing laundry instead.

* Rules. You are going to have to set some rules. For example, once the trashcan is full, it goes out, no exceptions. Or every time you go out you must take out a small bag of trash. Perhaps every Sunday you do laundry.

* Start small. Start out small and work your way up. Always set yourself up for success by taking baby steps. Instead of planning to organize your entire home, organize one room, or one area at a time. Stay focused and in the same area until it is clean and organized.

What’s your best tip for living an organized life? Share in the comments below.

You can do this! Remember, the more you do a habit the easier it becomes, so be patience and commit to sticking with it!

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