carclutterHey Collectors!

How many of you have things in your car that you don’t need? Are you using your car as a rolling storage bin or dumpster? Is your car starting to scrape the pavement because it is weighted down with junk? Extra weight in your car could be costing you money!

While we are thinking about fall cleaning and organizing, now is a great time to clean out our cars. Our cars can become just as cluttered as our homes! Since many of us spend way too much time in our cars commuting, let’s make sure we have a nice environment to enjoy.

You can also listen to my tips on organizing your car on my podcast Hoardganize:

I encourage you to start with your trunk, but if you are able, clean the entire car. You will be glad you did! Here are my tips to reduce the junk in your trunk.

  1. Take a large tarp and lay it next to your vehicle. Empty out EVERYTHING from the trunk. (If you are doing the entire car, take out everything from the car.) Once you have emptied the car, take the time to vacuum, scrub off any spills, and wipe down the car. You can always take your car to the car wash. With everything emptied, they should be able to get it super clean. I always like to add some scent to my car so it smells great. Check out my aromatherapy to add some natural scent to your car:

  2. Sift through all the items on the tarp. Remove all garbage and toss. If anything is recyclable, make sure to recycle.

  1. Only put back items that belong in the car or trunk. If something belongs in the home, put it there. If your home is packed, you might need to get help from a professional organizer to help clear clutter. Remember, only have what belongs in the trunk! It’s okay to have some music or snacks, just not all the music you have or the entire snack section of the convenience store.

  2. Carefully put all the remaining items back in your trunk and/or car. Now is the time to do some organizing if you want. Remember this easy tip: like with like. For example, you could keep all of your reusable bags together.

  3. Don’t forget to “pump and dump” every time you fill up your car with gas. Make it a habit every time you are a gas station to do this. Even if you are just getting snacks, get into the habit of clearing your car clutter: recycling bottles, throwing out wrappers, etc.

Check out this blog on items to keep in your car for disaster preparedness. You can read that blog here:

What’s your favorite organizing accessory for your car? What’s the oldest thing you have found when cleaning your car? Share your comments below.

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