Hey Collectors! Bags, bins, boxes, crates, totes, purses, satchels, anything that contains! The trend with most of my clients is that they love containers.
Do you love containers? Old pill bottles, Altoid tins, jewelry boxes, gift boxes, shoe boxes, picture boxes, clear boxes, opaque boxes, paper bags, gift bags, plastic bags, reusable grocery bags, sturdy bags with handles, Ziploc bags, pouches, make up bags, eyeglass cases, I know there are more – please add to the comment section below!
My three favorite containers are the following: 
The brown paper bag. Worthy of its own blog. The brown paper bag is one of my favorite tools to use for sorting. Easy to label, easy to carry, the brown paper bag is a great way to sort documents. I like to have two in front of me one for shredding and one for recycling. The brown paper bag is great for carrying out recycling, garbage, compost, small donations anything that you need to carry out of your home and take elsewhere. Don’t let your clutter pile up! 
In California these babies are $.10 apiece. I see hundreds to thousands of them a week at work. Let’s put them to use!
Ziploc bags are great for containing small items. Easy to label and easy to use. Tame unruly toys, hardware, cosmetics, collections and snacks with ease!
Bankers boxes. I love the size of bankers boxes they are easy to carry around the house and easy to label for sorting. My favorite part about bankers boxes is that most of them have handles. They also stack nicely and are sturdy enough to reuse for years.
What are your favorite ways to contain stuff? Do you love brown paper bags as much as I do?
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