collector care professional organizers

collector care professional organizers

Hey Collectors!

2017 is here! What are you most excited about creating, doing or enjoying? I am excited about getting married this year, watching my son Shane continue to grow and learn, and growing my business and podcast, Hoardganize.

Last month, I posted about where to begin. This is my most asked question as a professional organizer. I created a unique step-by-step plan and basic steps for my clients. You can read that blog post here:

In today’s post, I am going to continue how to set up and get organized. I see many people get overwhelmed and try to tackle too much stuff. By doing easy to manage basic steps, you are more likely to clear your clutter!

Preparing to Sort

After you have created your sorting station, next begin to prepare to sort! You are at your sorting station, now what?

You should have space to put containers when you created your sorting station. The first step is to grab the following items: 4 EMPTY containers for sorting. It doesn’t matter what they are—it can be the brown paper bags from the grocery store, bins, plastic containers, or amazon boxes. You will also need:

  • Trash bag

  • Recycling bag

  • Sharpie

Don’t get caught up in having matching containers and making everything perfect! Remember, our goal here is to clear clutter and get started sorting. Focus on being able to sort, not on how the containers look! Perfection can be a big obstacle for anyone looking to clear clutter.

If you are more visual, check out this episode on YouTube:

Begin by LABELING all four of your empty containers:

  • TO GO TRHOUGH — these are all the items you will be going to sort. Just load it on up to begin. When it is empty, reload.

  • KEEP — the items you want to keep. I know many of you might be thinking, “I want to keep it all, I need that.” Right now, we are just labeling and preparing to sort. I will go into more detail in next month’s blog. (If you are ready to move forward, check out the next episode on Hoardganize:

  • DONATE — contains “I am okay and feel good about donating.” I personally only donate to ONE organization until the clutter is under control. Instead of creating separate bags like hair care to a women’s shelter, keep your focus labeling your bags.

  • IMPORTANT — this bag is for “I cannot live without.” Some of the items might include: money, medication, keys, paper for work, urgent current and immediate items such as your mortgage bill.

Photos and collector coins could also be important. You might be confused because a lot is important to you. Focus on what is most important that needs to be addressed RIGHT NOW or today.

If you are nervous because the categories are too broad, that’s okay. It’s very normal for you to feel you this way.

Look at all you have accomplished! You created your sorting station, labeled containers and are ready to get started. Next month, I will talk about choosing what to start!

Remember, happiness is a place between too little and too much.

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to sorting? What is the first room or area you are going to begin decluttering? Share your comments below.

Still stuck with sorting? Feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance? No worries, we can help! Collector Care helps people clear clutter and get organized, including working with hoarders and hording situations as well as extreme clutter.

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