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Celebrating Self Expression!

Rachel Seavey, Expresses herself often. Judged often.

I love to be able to work without judgement. It allows me to feel free. As someone who is quite frequently judged, I appreciate individuality. Be yourselves Collectors. If you want a wall of cat pictures – do it! Go ahead and make that spare room into whatever you want! Love yourselves some antique glassware.  Who cares what anyone thinks Collectors? It’s your home. You don’t have to be a minimalist to be happy. There is a happy place between too little and too much. Express yourselves Collectors and keep provoking those boring judgmental unhappy people with your artistic flare!

A very special thank you to the gay and transgender community in San Francisco for allowing me to make a difference in your lives. Thank you for coming out of the clutter closet dolls!!!!

Hodge Podge Of Miscellanea

What’s going on Collectors!! 

Do you have boxes/bags/bins/etc full of miscellaneous items? Paper, garbage, clothing, money, all sorts of different categories of items all mixed together? What do you call this? What would you label this box if you had to?

Here are some submissions from some of our wonderful Clients: (Feel free to comment here or email me at with your submissions)

**These are in no particular order** 

Image by stockimages at freedigitalphotos.netHodge Podge Of Miscellanea 

To sort

Do you need help going through these items? Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? Collector Care Professional Organizers LOVE going through your random clutter. Let us help you sort things  out, and organize them so you can actually find things when you need them!

Are you always late? 
Get organized so that you can be on time, 
meet deadlines, and not always be searching for things.