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As a busy single mom, I need to be organized to make sure my son, Shane, gets to school energized by a healthy breakfast, completes his homework and gets to karate practice on time.

It’s a challenge to go from the laid back days of summer to a schedule. The more organized I am, the easier it is to transition to the school year for everyone. Here are a few back to school organizing tips so you can start the school year off right!


Routines help kids feel safe as well as develop healthy habits. They help us do the mundane tasks but can also serve as a time to bond with family. Here are a few routines that you might find helpful:

Wake Up and Bed Time. Going to bed at the same time each night can ensure a good night’s sleep. Consider a ritual around bedtime such as reading a story together or reviewing how your child’s day went. In the morning, you can discuss what is scheduled for the day or make breakfast together.

Planning Clothes/Activities for the Week. Get in the habit of reviewing the week’s schedule on Sunday evening. You teach your child responsibility when they prepare and know they have a band concert on Thursday and need to dress accordingly or have to make sure they bring their cleats for soccer practice on Wednesday.

Weekend. Just because it’s the weekend, you shouldn’t let go of routines. You may need to schedule time for homework, extra curricular activities. Try and have at least one family activity during the weekend where everyone is there. Plan on running errands at the same day and time, so kids know that if they need something they need to tell you before you leave the house.


Create a Study Area. Have a place where kids can do homework without distractions or temptations such as the T.V. or video games. Consider displaying trophies or certificates to motivate and encourage your child.

Encourage Good Study Habits. Encourage doing homework at the same time and in the same place. Be available if possible in case they have questions or need support. Reward children with a healthy snack or playing a game when they finish and enjoy family time.

Snacks Lunch box area in pantry. Designate an area in your pantry and/or refrigerator for snacks and lunches. If you child needs a snack and you are busy, they will know where they can find a snack to keep fueled. If they are old enough and can pack their own lunch, create an area where they can easily find what they need.

Tips for Overcoming Clutter Challenges

Teach kids the basics: everything has a home. Encourage your child to return everything once they are done using it. Not returning to its home can easily accumulate clutter. Hang up coats and backpacks, put away school supplies and return books to the bookshelf.

Regularly clear clutter with your child. Get in the habit of working with your child on clearing clutter and teaching them about letting things go. Help your child pick a favorite charity so they know their stuff will have a good home when they let it go.

Backpack safety has become a huge concern in the last few years. Here is a great article from KidsHealth with lots of good information: http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/backpack.html

What are your favorite back to school tips? What are your struggles with getting organized for school? Share your comments below.

Stay Tuned for our Back to School Organizing Tips Part 2 where I will share tips for parents.

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