Are You a Baby Boomer with Too Much Stuff?

Many baby boomers grew up with parents who survived the great depression. Many were taught to use everything and not be wasteful or to never let go of anything. These are challenging habits to break, but clutter can have negative consequences.

If we continue to accumulate and never let go of anything we create a very cluttered home. Clutter can negatively affect us and potentially cause harm. Here are some interesting facts about clutter:

  • Studies implicate clutter in depression, anxiety and more, including general dampening of brain function.

  • Clutter affects our weight and health. People don’t eat well because their kitchen isn’t functional to cook healthy meals.

  • Clutter is also a contributing factor in noncompliance with taking meds, keeping appointments and exercising.

How has clutter affected you?

Clutter can also cost you time, money and peace of mind.

  • The Average American has credit card debt of $15,185. They also have around $7,000 of unwanted items not being used in the house.

  • 85%+ couples say they argue about clutter & disorganization;

  • Managing volumes of clutter has been linked to elevated levels of stress.

  • 23% of adults say they pay bills late because they lose them.

What has clutter cost you?

If everything has value than nothing does. Does your wedding album hold the same value to you as a paper back book? If it doesn’t, why would you want to hold onto it? Clutter is about delayed decisions. Ask yourself why you don’t want to make a decision. Sometimes people are afraid of making the wrong decision or worried they may upset someone.

What could I focus on if I didn’t have this clutter? Clutter can prevent us from having friends over, having money to spend on things you love and strain relationships. What have you not done because clutter has been in your way? In what ways would your life improve?

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