Rachel Seavey, Blogger Owner of Collector Care

Rachel Seavey, Blogger
Owner of Collector Care

Hey Collectors!

Sometimes we can get so serious when it comes to getting organized and clearing clutter. It can sometimes be a big and overwhelming job. I wanted to share with you some of the fun things we have found on some of our jobs. There is no judgment! Let me repeat, no judgment! I have found that lightening the mood with my clients always helps and energizes them to keep going.

Here are some of our finds:

Why do you think people have held onto this stuff? Why have you held onto stuff? If someone is a hoarder, there is usually trauma associated with holding onto things. For people who aren’t hoarders, they may be afraid they might need it some day or are bothered that they might have spent a lot of money and feel if they are “losing” if they let it go.

I have also found that people are sometimes afraid to return items. What’s holding you back from clearing that clutter that may turn into a photo above? The worst that can happen is that they say no and take no returns. The best that can happen is you shed clutter and get some money back! Any items that the department store will not take – immediately donate! Do not come home; go straight to the donation center.

In my professional experience, I have found that once my clients do about five separate returns they are much more cautious during their initial shopping excursions and end up bringing home less stuff that turns into clutter.

What is the craziest thing you have found when you have decluttered? What is the oldest thing you have found? Share your comments below.

If you need some help clearing your clutter (including extreme clutter and hoarding), we can help you! You don’t have to tackle your clutter by yourself. Call Collector Care at 925.548.7750 or email rachel@collectorcare.com to schedule your free 30-minute consultation to discuss how we can help you get organized and/or declutter.

Photo Credits: https://www.instagram.com/collectorcare1/