3 Awesome Ways to Organize Your Jewelry
If you’re anything like me, you have a substantial jewelry collection. Who can’t resist a fun pair of earrings?
One of the most common organizing challenges for women is how to organize jewelry. Necklaces get tangled. The backs of earrings disappear. And you can never find the cocktail ring you’re looking for when you’re rushing out the door.
How to Organize Jewelry
Necklaces should be stored individually or hung vertically so they don’t become tangled with themselves or other jewelry. Bracelets can be kept in a compartmentalized drawer or tray.
Organize earrings by type. Studs and hoops can be stored in small compartments. Dangly earrings should hang vertically to avoid entanglements and damage.
Wherever you store your jewelry, it’s a good idea to store some extra earring backs, jewelry cleaner and silver polish nearby.
If you’re feeling crafty, here are 3 awesome ways to organize your jewelry.
3 Awesome DIY Jewelry Organization Tips
1. Create a burlap earring frame.

You’ll need a picture frame, a piece of burlap, acrylic paint, corkboard and a foam brush. Cut the burlap and corkboard to fit your frame. Affix the burlap to your corkboard. Then paint or stamp a design of your choice onto the fabric.

Assemble your new picture frame and you’ve got a stylish way to display your favorite earrings.
2. Driftwood Necklace Holder
Pick up a piece of driftwood or an interestingly shaped branch. Grab some paint, picture hangers and screw-in hooks. The driftwood design has a rustic visual appeal, but you could use any type of wood to get the same effect.
It’s a good idea to sand the wood before starting, especially if you acquired it on a nature walk. Paint the driftwood to match your style. You could keep it simple and earthy or embellish it with lots of color.
Attach picture hangers to the back of the wood so you’ll be able to hang it on your wall. Then screw hooks into the bottom. Space the hooks about an inch apart from each other. That way, your necklaces will hang freely and avoid becoming tangled.
Get step-by-step instructions at Lovely Indeed (http://lovelyindeed.com/diy-painted-driftwood-hanger/)
3. Bangle Bracelet Holder
Bangle bracelets are tricky to store. They don’t quite fit into most jewelry boxes and they don’t hang well on a hook.
Rather than stash them in the dark corners of your dresser drawers, create a bangle holder from items you already own.
Most bottles fit bangle bracelets quite well. Simply grab a bottle — any beer or soda bottle will do — and stack your bracelets vertically around the bottle.
If you want to make your bracelet collection part of your décor, opt for a decorative bottle that’s slightly larger than the bracelets. They’ll stack nicely and rest around the bottle without falling to the bottom.
What DIY jewelry organization tips would you like to share?

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