What Now? I Still Have Too Much Stuff!

Hey Collectors!

This month, we are continuing with my What Now? Series on decluttering. You can check out all Hoardganize episodes here: http://hoardganize.libsyn.com.

What do we do when we have too much still? If you have been following the series, you have gone through your inventory and paired it down. You may still feel like you have too much stuff. If you are a hoarder, it may have felt like you only have half of your stuff and it still feels cluttered.

First, remember how you far you have come. Think about when you first read the blog and all the amazing tools and techniques you have learned. You are in a different place! It may be hard to feel satisfied because you are chasing a perfect outcome of a clutter free home and ignoring how far you have come. Don’t beat yourself up or feel like you’ve failed. You have not failed. You have learned you have a lot less tolerance for clutter than before.

shoe hoard

Keep going through your stuff each day. For example, some of the summer tops you kept at the beginning of the process. You may discover you don’t like some as much. As you try on clothes and use products, you will know what you like because you actually tried it on or used it.

A few months ago when you saw that unopened QVC skin care product, you were immediately thought “keep”, but now that you have actually used it, you may realize you don’t like it. Go ahead and donate unused portions of items you don’t like, don’t wear, or toss. If you aren’t going to use something, it has officially become clutter. Don’t hang onto it to give to the perfect person; let it go. You still have too much because you haven’t been letting go.

Try on, test out, and let go of what doesn’t make you feel attractive. Don’t hang onto because you might fit into it someday. Maybe keep one or two items for an incentive or sentimental reasons, but no more than that. Keep these items away from what you use daily. Keep it in the closet to avoid creating clutter. Clutter that every time you see it, you feel fat, older, gross, etc. You might not notice that you are beating yourself up, but your subconscious knows.

As you go through each item, let go of what doesn’t serve you or brings up negative thoughts and feelings. Surround yourself with items that make you feel attractive or evoke positive feelings.

Collectors, you have grown! You now know your threshold when it comes to clutter. That’s huge. You are learning to live life in a more organized manner. It doesn’t happen overnight; it could take weeks, months or years to declutter and that is ok. You are aware of your issues, you are working on them, and you are reading the blog to learn tools to change.

If you are still constantly acquiring things while doing this program, you are also bringing in added guilt and this is counterproductive. Slow down and even stop. If you are still over acquiring, knock it off. You are not helping yourself. My hope with this program is that you get so sick and tired of sorting that you don’t want to buy.

If you are still buying and acquiring, you might need additional help. Call a professional organizer. I offer a free phone consultation and work virtually with people. I cannot help with compulsive shopping, but here are two resources for compulsive shopping: http://www.shopaholicsanonymous.org/ and http://www.debtorsanonymous.org/find_meeting/spenders.htm.

Do you struggle with deciding what goes into each room? Are you discouraged after a round or two of decluttering? Collector Care can help! We can help you with decluttering or getting organized whether you are in an apartment, office or home.

Call Collector Care at 925.548.7750 or email rachel@collectorcare.com to schedule your free 30-minute consultation and learn about how we can help you declutter and get organized whether you are an extreme clutterer or hoarder or just need a helping hand.

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